A little about Em

We are a family of Wilds (literally actually, as that is our surname) and I am Em.

I am Londoner, now living in a little market town in the Chiltern Hills in England with my hubby Gavin and our three long haired mucky little boys, Noah 8, Beau 5 and Cassius 3.

I like everyday adventures, wandering, sushi, the colour green, kooky music, yoga, bright clothes, toasted marshmallows, lambs, music festivals, Buddhist chants, camping, snowboarding, surfing, being a mummy, caffeine and about a billion other things.

Hope that has shed some light, happy reading!!





About the website

Em and the Wilds is my own, expanding collection of adventures, secret finds, and inspiring places that I would love you to explore and visit around the UK and beyond. These are places I have been to and fallen so deeply in love with, that I needed to build this site to share the goodness!

This is my version of the fun, the travels, the happy and the beautiful bits, all lovingly put together with all the boring and mundane bits of life edited out!

Each adventure or find is listed as a journal post and defined into one of three categories:

Explore, Eat, Sleep

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