Hope cove - Ultimate dam building fun with new found friends

An army of children all teamed up with the unrelenting task of stopping the stream of water meeting the sea.  Dam building is just one of the attractions at this pretty little seaside Devonshire village. It boasts pastel cottages, 2 good pubs, a gallery, and 2 lovely sandy beaches complete with rockpools. Previously a fishing village now more famous for landing crabs and lobster, Hope Cove was once a favourite haunt for smugglers and still retains all the intimacy and charm of its characterful past.

Overbecks – A hidden subtropical paradise in Devon

Tucked away high up on the cliffs above Salcombe sits this hidden paradise.  A subtropical garden, bursting with colour, filled with unusual and rare plants creating a dramatic display of hot colours. Explore the banana garden, meander through the olive grove, or relax beneath the palms and soak up the spectacular panoramic views across miles of beautiful coastline and estuary.

Greeting the Sun, Egg Rolling and a Feast for Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox marks the point in the year when the hours of light and dark are equal – a time of balance. But from now on the daylight will gradually overcome the darkness – warmer, longer days are finally on their way! We like to celebrate by climbing up to the highest hill around, greeting the sun and hurling our eggs into the distance – then on for cake!

Scotney – Fairytale Moated Castle in 770 acres of beautiful grounds

Scotney is not one but two houses. The views from the big country house down the hillside gardens prepare you for the Medieval Castle. However, wandering down along the winding paths it is only when you walk around the moated lake that it hits you just how pretty it is. Country house, romantic garden, 14th century moated castle - all in a beautiful wooded estate.

A Knight’s Day Out at The Battle of Hastings

Retrospectively, buying an axe, sword and shield for three littles boys was not my finest moment.  What came next was pretty brutal even by battle of Hastings standards!  That aside we had a wonderful time exploring the battlefield and abbey.  The one date in English history that everyone knows is 1066 and the battle that took place here moulded our country into what it is today. It’s the last foreign invasion this country has seen and is a rite of passage for any self-respecting Brit.

Searching for Spring at Stowe Gardens

Catching those first glimpses of spring seems to come when we need them most.  Just when we think the days can’t get any bleaker, that winter will last forever and the skies have permanently turned grey, along come the tiny glimmers. Peeking out under the debris of winter are snowdrops, aconites, daffodils, crocuses, primroses, hazel catkins dangling on bare branches, lambs frolicking in fields and birds chattering overhead. These beautiful delicate joys not only survive but thrive in these cold bleak conditions and we should follow their lead!

Winter Wonderland at Center Parcs Woburn

The beauty of Center Parcs is that a break there means so many different things to different people.  To us it means being in the forest, cycling, swimming and spending time together.  I am sure as the kids grow it will become different things and we will do more activities and have more 'experiences', but right now, it is simple, and it works brilliantly.