Be part of the world's largest wildlife survey this weekend

This weekend (28 - 30 January 2017) is the ‘Big Garden Birdwatch’ organised by the RSPB to help build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK.  It’s not too late to register, you can go online at RSPB and download a free pack.

It is a chance for everyone to help nature by donating one hour to count the birds and other wildlife in their garden. The data gathered from this survey provides a vital health-check of the wildlife that makes its home here. Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden – your local park or nature reserve is a great place to do a Birdwatch too! 

Over half a million people take part in this survey – it is a great way to connect with nature in these chilly months, do something useful and be part of something big.

This census has been running for 37 years now.  I can remember taking part many moons ago as a nipper, staring out of my bedroom window with binoculars and now I am continuing on this lovely pastime with my own children.

We made some pinecone bird feeders in an effort to get mucky, have some fun and help the birds all at the same time. It was lots of fun (and indeed very mucky) but our garden now boasts a veritable feast for all the birds which we hope to count this weekend! We will be in our own bird watching station (wendy house on stilts in the garden!) but I suspect we will be way too noisy so will have to adjourn inside, restart the survey and squabble over the binoculars.

Have fun