Greeting the Sun, Egg Rolling and a Feast for Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox marks the point in the year when the hours of light and dark are equal – a time of balance. But from now on the daylight will gradually overcome the darkness – warmer, longer days are finally on their way! We like to celebrate by climbing up to the highest hill around, greeting the sun and hurling our eggs into the distance – then on for cake!

Yesterday we all sat together and decorated the hard-boiled eggs in many different ways. The boys shunned my suggestions for natural food dyes, favouring neon-brights and felt pens.

Then this morning we woke very very early. Bleary eyed we threw clothes on, had a surprise greeting from Grandma and all headed out to the highest point around.  Up we went, just in time for the sunrise at 6:06am! The weather was grey and cloudy, but that didn’t matter – we had eggs to lob! The eggs we roll symbolise the earth’s ‘re-birthing’ at this time of year after the long dormant winter. The rolling, chasing, catching and stomping on of eggs brings lots of joy to all of us.  When we have finished, the broken eggs and their goodness are our gift back to the earth and those who feed on it.

The earth is starting to wake up and you can feel the excitement all around.  Birds are mating and singing, yellow flowers are bursting out of the ground as if reflecting the new growing sun. Now is the time I try to start the projects I have been dreaming up over the calmer winter months.  I symbolise them as the first green shoots pushing up towards the light, or as new life.

Every time we get up and meet the sun on these special days I wonder how much longer the boys will be doing it with me.  At the moment they are showing no signs of giving up - maybe that has more to do with the cake we all gobble down afterwards, but for now that is enough.  They know how much it means to me and amazingly they come with no fuss.  I really hope I have instilled a practice in them that they take with them through life, a time to stop and reconnect with what is important, to slow down and celebrate with loved ones.  Now, to prepare for tonight’s feast!

Happy equinox to all x