An apology to the eurostar cleaning staff....


Dear Eurostar cleaning staff,

I am writing this to wholeheartedly apologise for making your life more difficult on Sunday evening.

I travelled home on the Eurostar from Brussels to London on Sunday evening after saying goodbye to my husband who is working abroad.  I then proceeded to board the Eurostar on my own with my three young children in tow. 

As we pulled into St Pancras one of my children suddenly announced he didn’t feel well and darted off through the carriage. I didn’t know what to do - I still had my luggage and two other small children to look after so I watched him disappear off.  He wove through all the passengers who were now standing and queuing readying to leave. He didn’t have the courage or size to get through quick enough and then went on to throw up on the floor in the toilet cubicle.  He skulked back to me upset and covered in sick. 

He then proceeded (much to the horror of the other passengers) to be sick again twice on the floor. He was now mortified and I was panic stricken about what to do – everyone was looking traumatised and my son was as pale as a ghost.

I am sorry to say I left the sick, I didn’t have anything to clear it up with. I tried to find someone to tell but I couldn’t see anyone. I then scooped up all our belongings, all three little ones and left for our onward journey.

I know that this isn’t going to change anything and that you still had to clear up my child’s sick.  That is a parent’s job and I didn’t do it, for that I am very sorry. I also wasn’t able to apologise in person to you and explain which I imagine made the task worse.

I have tried to learn from this experience, I will not again foolishly think that I can just take 3 young boys away on my own and it will all just be ok. I will also not let my children eat as many chips and waffles as they did in Belgium!

Yours apologetically,

Em Wild