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The Miracle that is Spring Lambing

Everything is on high alert at the farm. There is a massive sense of excitement and anticipation - the lambs are coming!! Every year I don my filthiest warm clothes and head over to the farm to help the ewes. There really is nothing as spectacular as seeing something being born - entering this world and taking their first breath. Every time one is born I feel the whole world around me stand still as this new little creature is welcomed to the world.

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Celebrate with the Norsemen at Jorvik Viking Festival, York

We have just come back from a wonderful long weekend of Norse fun at the Jorvik Viking Festival in York. Thor did not bring any thunder… I am not sure if that means he was happy or sad? I for one was very happy with the sun beaming down and the lack of raging storms. The whole event was brilliant. If you have even the slightest interest in vikings (or the amazing History Channel’s series) I would recommend you go. Also, if like me you have a thing for grubby, long haired sweaty men with a penchant for natural fibres you will be in heaven….or valhalla!

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Heading off to the Biggest Viking Festival in Europe

The Norse warriors are re-staking their claim on York with a mammoth Viking Festival this week. The whole city comes under Viking reign with encampments, a parade, feasts, sword fighting, mead, folk music, storytelling, shows, crafts, markets and more.

There is a Viking strong man competition along with best beard contest but the spotlight this year will be on warrior women. All this is culminating with a battle spectacular on Saturday night.

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Fondue in the Forest – An Indulgent Winter Treat

In early February on a grey rainy afternoon we found ourselves trudging through the forest looking for a huge den to accommodate all 9 of us along with my (rather heavy) cast iron fondue set.  This adventure is best not to be taken too seriously - you don’t want to go far carrying a cast iron fondue set and there is always the threat of the meths spilling out everywhere - but the hot bubbling reward at the end is worth it!

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Is Geocaching the secret weapon to get your children outdoors?

If you ever find yourself unsuccessfully trying to persuade your little people out the door into the great outdoors, you may need some geocaching in your life! Treasure hunting, orienteering, a secret quest and scampering around in the leaves with the thrill of the find around the corner – what’s not to like?

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Beautiful, unspoilt Bantham beach - surf, sand and H Vans

Arguably one of the Devon’s finest unspoilt beaches. Set within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with dunes and rocky cliffs providing shelter from the wind and panoramic views onto picturesque Burgh Island. At high tide a ring of pale and fine sand frames the sea then at low tide it becomes a golden expanse, dotted with pockets of shallow water and fantastic rockpools for poking about in. A reputation as one of the best surf spots in Devon and to top it off a Gastrovan serving up culinary treats.

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