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The Best Exhibitors at the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair

The Country Living Magazine Fair is one of those rights of passage into Spring. The show is lovely – there are lambs to stroke and beautiful chickens to coo over, the food is very good and it is all decorated beautifully. This year there are even more talks, events, workshops and classes which adds a great element to the day. The best thing is discovering new exhibitors. Country Living put together the perfect mix of skilled craftspeople, talented designer-makers and passionate artisan producers. Mum and I have been regular visitors over the years with and without various children hanging off me. With all the boys in full time school now we went just the two of us and there was definitely an element of ‘ladies that lunch’ to our day!

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Celebrate with the Norsemen at Jorvik Viking Festival, York

We have just come back from a wonderful long weekend of Norse fun at the Jorvik Viking Festival in York. Thor did not bring any thunder… I am not sure if that means he was happy or sad? I for one was very happy with the sun beaming down and the lack of raging storms. The whole event was brilliant. If you have even the slightest interest in vikings (or the amazing History Channel’s series) I would recommend you go. Also, if like me you have a thing for grubby, long haired sweaty men with a penchant for natural fibres you will be in heaven….or valhalla!

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Heading off to the Biggest Viking Festival in Europe

The Norse warriors are re-staking their claim on York with a mammoth Viking Festival this week. The whole city comes under Viking reign with encampments, a parade, feasts, sword fighting, mead, folk music, storytelling, shows, crafts, markets and more.

There is a Viking strong man competition along with best beard contest but the spotlight this year will be on warrior women. All this is culminating with a battle spectacular on Saturday night.

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Making Merry at the New Forest Cider Weekend....with toffee apples for the kids

You can smell the apples before you can see them at the New Forest Cider Making Weekend. Everywhere you look apples are being squashed by hand presses with good old graft as power, enormous steam powered contraptions and everything in between. Live music and cider in every form – this is how country fairs should be!

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Wild Week of Fun at The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The lost gardens of Heligan are as magical as the story behind them. Hidden away under decades of weeds they were discovered and now thrive. Complete with its own jungle, rope bridge, magical gardens, sculptures, woodland, giant exotic plants, rare breeds and the best holiday actives for children imaginable.

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