Fondue in the Forest – An Indulgent Winter Treat

Fondue In the Forest - An Indulgent Winter Treat  for all the family

In early February on a grey rainy afternoon we found ourselves trudging through the forest looking for a huge den to accommodate all 9 of us along with my (rather heavy) cast iron fondue set.  This adventure is best not to be taken too seriously - you don’t want to go far carrying a cast iron fondue set and there is always the threat of the meths spilling out everywhere - but the hot bubbling reward at the end is worth it!

I knew of an enormous den in Ashridge forest that I couldn’t believe would have been taken down – mainly as it is about 15 metres in length and would take some extremely dedicated children to deconstruct something that big.  Sure enough it was still there and we all piled in out of the rain - there was almost enough space for everyone. 

Personally, I favour the true and original kind of fondue – molten cheese with wine, garlic and huge chunks of bread dripping in the stuff.  My middle son is with me on this, but unfortunately the other two favour the marshmallow dipped in chocolate kind, and as we were celebrating one of their birthdays I thought it only kind to honour their preference.

The fondue set was fired up (literally) and in goes 100g milk chocolate, 100g dark chocolate, 40g butter, 150ml double cream and 100ml milk (premixed in a flask). 

Now the wait is on! The little people are dispatched to find ‘the perfect dunking sticks’ which need to be carefully whittled to a point. Noah’s birthday knife got its first outing, and then I am afraid there is more waiting to be done.

Patience is needed for this and it is almost too much to bear for little people to see the chocolate, marshmallows and strawberries just sitting there…. but it is so much better if you wait until the chocolate is piping hot and perfectly gloopy.

If you decide to have this adventure be prepared for chocolate to go everywhere and a mucky load of washing up when you get home, but in these grey cold months you need a bit of molten magic to brighten everyone up!

Chocolate fondue in the forest - Winter family fun

Cast iron fondue kit - surely you have one in the loft from those heady 70's parties you or your parents Well you can get one on amazon (affiliate link below). 

Beware though - there is a fondue rule that states whoever accidently drops their food into the simmering pot must give everyone else kiss!