Stunning Tranquil Sea Pool & Rock Climbing at Dancing Ledge


Our trip to Dancing Ledge was about as idyllic as it could possibly be. A scenic coastal walk, a spot of rock climbing and then a swim in a crystal-clear pool with the tide lapping on the shore only feet away.

After an early rise at Acton Fields campsite, we took the 30-minute walk down to Dancing Ledge. When we got there all that could be heard was the thrum of the sea and the chant of someone deeply engrossed in their tai chi practice down on the ledge below us. 

We scrambled down the rock face and had the place to ourselves, only shared later with a spear diver and a couple rock climbing.


The pool was blown out of the ledge on a headmaster’s orders over 100 years ago, so his pupils would have somewhere to swim. It is perfect for children as it is cut off from the sea at low tide so there is no tide or current to worry about and if you catch it when the sun is out it’s pretty warm too.

Apparently Dancing Ledge is so called because at certain stages of the tide when the waves wash over the horizontal surface, undulations cause the water to bob about making the ledge appear to dance.

To get down to the pool you need to be able to climb down 10 foot of rock (and then back up again). There are lots of holds worn into the rock so we managed it easily with small children.  It is a great place to experiment and have some fun introducing them to climbing.

This place was truly breath taking and one of my favourite memories from this year.  I imagine it gets busier throughout the day so make sure you get up early to make the most of its tranquillity.


The ledge is managed by the National Trust and is signposted from the village of Langton Matravers. You can walk from the camp sites Acton Fields or Tom Fields or from the Dancing Ledge car park.  All are about 30 mins steep walk away (and I mean steep).

Dancing Ledge - S W Coast Path, Swanage BH19 3LD

Dancing Ledge Car Park - 1 Durnford Drove, Langton Matravers, Swanage BH19 3HG

Credit to Vespamore for starring in and taking some of the photos x