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Wonder, Magic and Hide & Seek at Avebury Stone Circle

Built 4500 years ago with what must have been a deep love or honour for its long-forgotten cause. The largest prehistoric stone circle in the World, with deep ditches and hundreds of stones, some of which are truly enormous.  All worked by hand with simple tools and brute strength.  If you can’t feel the wonder or the magic of this place then you are dead inside!

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Greeting the Sun, Egg Rolling and a Feast for Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox marks the point in the year when the hours of light and dark are equal – a time of balance. But from now on the daylight will gradually overcome the darkness – warmer, longer days are finally on their way! We like to celebrate by climbing up to the highest hill around, greeting the sun and hurling our eggs into the distance – then on for cake!

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