The Miracle that is Spring Lambing

Everything is on high alert at the farm. There is a massive sense of excitement and anticipation - the lambs are coming!! Every year I don my filthiest warm clothes and head over to the farm to help the ewes. There really is nothing as spectacular as seeing something being born - entering this world and taking their first breath. Every time one is born I feel the whole world around me stand still as this new little creature is welcomed to the world.

Over the last few years I have earned my stripes and can now deliver a lamb myself - James Herriot style. It is a very mucky business and I am permanently covered in marking spray, iodine, straw, muck and afterbirth!! I picked the kids up after school last week and my youngest asked if I could smell cow poo and I told him it was probably me!

If you get a chance at this time of year to head to a sheep farm please do. It really is a wonderful thing to be involved in and to witness!